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The May releases

- KAOS PRES. FAST FORWARD - Feeding The Chaos - Hector Oaks (03.05.2019)

Hector Oak’s record label introduces the new wave of producers from Copenhaguen. Once again this release displays their incredible talent.

Sugar kicks off this EP with Fast Forward, whose cristal-clear melody makes us almost feel the coldness of the Danish landscapes. We go on with Repro - Believe In Credit – which perfectly sums up the idea of a bad trip. The techno and industrial-like rhythm is shrouded in a melody suitable to provoke jaw clenching. As a result, this track transports us into a spine-chilling and disquieting trip. Driven by a rousing acid line the frenetic Trained to the Floor warms the Ep up by using a voice sample from a classic tune of the 90’s (Fargetta – Music is Moving ) and triggers an uncontrollable urge to dance. This release ends with How You Want It, whose deep melancholy plunges us into a resonant and visual journey.

- Power Culture – Waves – ARTS (10.05.2019)

This EP results from an association of two renowned names of the contemporary techno scene ; the founder of Arts, Emmanuel, and Tim Tama who give us here a very unique and bright release.

On the backdrop of a breakbeat inspired techno rhythm which echoes some of Emmanuel‘s releases, and Tim Tama‘s own speciality, that is to say an ethereal and dreamy melody, the first track reveals the great potential of this collaboration. Then Convenience begins slowly in a dub techno atmosphere and gently carries us into a futuristic journey, studded with deconstructed rhythm patterns. The third track opens with the weeps of a saturated guitar riff, which leads us deeper into emotion, creating a composition permeated with softness and lyricism which sounds like a genuine invitation to dream… right before ending with the powerful and wild energy of The Place In My Mind You Occupy.

- Hadone - They will come - Low Life Club (20.05.2019)

Here comes the first release of Mørbeck's brand new label, and Hadone is sharing his catching ep, going from techno to rave, with some house mixed in. It starts with hateful Peepshow; carried by pitched vocals and an incredibly groovy and old school rhythm, this track will make your legs dance by themselves, even if they were starting to fail you a few seconds ago. It goes up a notch with They Will Come: Rave Synths are as sharp as blades, chilling the mood with its relentless industrial-sounding beat, supported by vocals hammering the maxim that is the title. Mørbeck's remix, while more saturated, brings some more anguish to the mix. While the dreamy component the french artist in known for isn't as present as usual, it still lingers in Wade the Revenge, track in which haunting synths make you feel like you're literally on the Moon. The last track, Day Glo Vision, flirts with house music; pitched vocals ushering the bass are making our will to dance rise as the track progresses.

- JKS - Firedance - Molekül (27.05.2019)

Firedance is the first EP from this acid virtuoso on Molekül. A vinyl record on which the french artist shows once more how mighty his style is, while inspired from the 90's. The EP starts with Firedance, between robotic vocals coming straight from the underground powerful beat. To make it short: A dark track with corrosive energy we all know and wait from JKS. Sounding like a break, Washing Crack Machine's hectic beat fades in. Up to here, everything's fine, some voice echoes in the distance, but the sneaky acid beat comes to life and leads us into some kind of epileptic madness. A track perfectly fit for Blade 4, if only. With a style tapping right into old school, Rock the House gives us some respite. Like a real architect, JKS provides us with a break beat foundation, topped by swirling rave synths sending us right into oblivion. And just before that, Pace Maker closes the ep with a hurrying beat and flowing acid; we're not sure around here heartbeats are able to survive this adrenaline shot.