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The July releases

Hellcat Vol.1- bbbbbb records (19.07.2019)

Bjarki is a discret artist who has already shown us in the past few years his ability to switch

between real techno bangers, more IDM tracks or even breakbeat ambient productions. Three months after the last release (the very electrifying APRIL GABBER VOL.1), his label bbbbbb records provides us with 4 tracks infused with different electronic styles. VTSS Sober Raving : a sneaky track, effect reenforced by the mocking vocal on top of a thumping kick, shows us that rave is nothing but sober Cadency Eating Steel : a german-styled groovy track that leaves you a sweet metallic taste in the mouth Bjarki x Kuldaboli Hrái Hötturinn : the industrial rhythmic counterbalanced by evolving dreamy pads. An acidic arpeggio gives the track a Trance vibe to this track Kuldaboli vs. Tekknótæfan - Hefur.u einhvern tímann hugsa. um .a.: sets up an extra terrestrial scenery through its epilecptic and fast-paced rhythm and its, again, very early trance inspired arpeggio. A 90’s rave style synth makes his entrance at the break and leads you into an chamans alien trance.

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CVNT Records – CONSPIRATION Vol.1 (01.07.2019)

Paris' techno scene is thriving and Calling Marian's label first VA is a relevant example of it. This compilation present Conspiration, a collective is indeed a queer collectiv which is one of the major actor of the underground electronic scene in Paris. The diversity of musical styles tobe found all through this release is what strikes the most at first glance, for we indeed sway between dreamy atmospheres, wild bpm rhythm and even gabber-infused energy. As result it perfectly embodies the peculiar sensibilities proper to each artist,

and sounds like the perfect compilation to listen during this summer. Scarlett offers an opening with a very mind-blowing track, Rush, full of oneirism and colors. The drums of the bewitching rhythm easily permeate you. Vikken suspends time with Hatug, a very melodic track pervaded with a cold softness. It is a real appeal to the senses, the construction gradually evolves until becoming a real golden light, just like the sun smoothly rising and then radiating the horizon on summer mornings. Delivrance by Calling Marian gives you a taste of liberty ; dotted with acid notes it is a track of lightness imbued with some ingenuousness. The next one, Wir Sind, by Mila Dietrich is heavy track driven by pounding kicks, on which the sensuality of Cassie Raport’s voice adds a hint of erotism upon this dark atmosphere. Crash Test is Cassie Raptor’s first track. Also VJ and DJ, this first

track by Cassie Raptor offers a very convincing track with a raw and twisted aura. The climax of the compilation arrives with The Unlikely Boy who closes the VA with the gabber-infused-energy driven Chrome, a very bright and sparkling track.

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Шакке (Schacke) - Клуб Навсегда EP - Клуб (15.07.2019)

This Ep is the result of Schacke's residency in Kisloty in Russia. This project get to grisp with the kitsch of cult anthems of Russian pop music, giving you a delicious taste of the 90's vibes reworked in the fast techno way. A surprising mixture leading to 4 very different tracks. Тыменя не ищи (Don’t Look For Me) is a subtle and delicate composition with a great texturein which each sound element seems to gleam. Tending to a kind of futuristic ambient atmosphere in the last second of the track, it almost feels as though the recording had capturedthe most beautiful and secret whispers of electronic machines. This 3 minutes of softness will surely give you a glimpse of what synthetic purity is. A change of atmosphere with the next track perfecty built for the dancefloor, Клубная тема (Klub Theme), whose magnificient trance frenzy will completly provide dancers some of the most intense moments of the night . Кислотный пипл (Kisloty People) was the first track be released, as a preview of the whole ep and its was hard miss this one. It rearranges a classic of russian pop/eurodance culture (Kysloty DJ), where the vocal comes from. Through an enthusiastic

tone chants on top of a rather simplistic techno rhythm an ode to partying, and we can only agree with, Davaï Davaï ! Зацени (Check It) is driven by a groovy rhythm and a feminin robotic vocal, offering a cold track to which the producer adds a trance melody that brings a melancolic touch.

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Here is the selection of our favourite ep of July. However we couldn’t help ourselves to add a few releases. You are free to pick among these very different atmosphere those that will match your summer mood...

Fjaak – Force of Pleasure - / Turn it up – SPANDAU20 (12.07.2019)

Fjaak’s new label begins smoothly with a two titles EP ̈, providing us groovy tracks to listen with abandon under the sun all along summer.

Dax J x UVB – King Of The Sewers – Monnom Black (12.07.2019)

The title metaphorically takes you to the underground, following the paths towards some unknown dirty places, as to claim the will to delve into to darkest areas of techno music that Dax J or UVB's latest production has already begun to explore. The result of their collaboration offers 4 tracks as dark as coal, carried by a relentless rhythm, wrapped in a murky atmosphere. Be careful if you has claustrophobia.

VTSS- Identity Process- Repitch (04.07.2019)

Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise’s label presents VTSS’s new ep. The energy of her bursting set and live performances pervades this release. Perfectly mixing raw and metallic industrial sound textures, powerful ravy elements and relentless rhythms that cut your breath, the Polish producer delivers 4 track to which the « bangers » adjective seems to have been created for.