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August's releases

Cristian Marras – Rave In Peace – Rebels Conspiracy (08.08.2019)

The Berlin based producer is well-established in the local club scene, and is definitely someone

you should keep a close look on. He returns here with a new release on his own label, whose first

Various Artist presented an interesting sound pallet, such as industrial influences, epileptic acid

line to much more atmospheric textures, and featured the Jaded’s resident Julez Wyl, and other

new talents such as the wav_909 & 7th Raw duo and RVSSIA, This new EP also features a couple

of remixes by thriving producers of the contemporary scene ; one by the Lebendig’s duo Inhalt

Der Nacht & Echoes Of October, and one by the Danish producer Schacke. They all get to

grips with the original tracks to offer compositions of their own.

Rave In Peace gives you a taste of the producer’s universe, creating a track full of raw and quite

grungy energy in which the synth throws a dark and fast-paced tune that intensifies all the more

the atmosphere, plunging you into a wild industrial soundscape. The second track is very different

from the first one. Hombret’s peaceful melody radiates upon a quiet breakbeat rhythm in the

first part of the track that then follows a much more steady pace, to offer the perfect track to listen

during the last days of summer.

Inhalt der Nacht & Echoes Of October bring an epileptic touch to the original track with its

earth-shaking rhythm. The kicks pound harder and faster and the ravy synths sounds as sharp as

razors. Schacke restyles Hombret in a more Trancy way: the bass is filtered and the reverbed

synth wraps us in an ethereal substance.

Klangkuenstler –Dunkle Illusion - Second State Audio ( 08.08.2019)

The German producer has been quite productive in the last few months. We indeed remember the

thrilling Balthazar (out on Outworld) ; a saga composed of 4 tracks that carried us into an epic

journey through a the depth of a divine realm. He also released the acid-driven Acid Hotline (out

on Filth On Acid). This new EP uses some elements that characterise his latest productions and

define his own style. Razor is indeed a quite heavy production, carried by hammering kicks, and

we are immediately seized by the inertia of this groovy yet quite sombre mood. Dunkle Illusion

(whose remix cooked by Alignment offers a more laser-like acid approach) is driven by regular

kicks and powerful synths that strike like an upcoming storm.

Sina – Until Debts Tears Us Apart – Subtyl (09.08.2019)

The French producer’s last release dates back to February, and was the result of travels between

Iran and Lebanon to meet and work with the artistic local scenes. Legalize Raving was indeed of

exchanges and collaborations, dealing with the place of art, of its perception and the weight of

censure curbing artistic will and gesture in some countries. The co-founder of the parisian collectiv

Subtyl comes back here with a three-track EP filled with 80’s influences.

Free From Desire opens the EP with a quite dark and rough track, yet infused with a touch of

erotism and sensuality. With a quite dystopic touch though, the influence of classic EBM permeate

all through Accidentally Cool in which the stomping drums pulse a cold energy tinged with

futuristic elements. The EP ends on Debts Will Tear Us Apart the weeping harmonies pouring

out from the chorus and the gentle melody of the synths shroud the track in a veil of joyous insouciance

filled with new wave vibes, yet carried with a techno rhythm. A beautiful soundtrack

to wander in the heart of the night between the neon lights along the blank streets of a desert city.

Peryl – Rebellion - Lebendig (22.08.2019)

Inahlt Der Nacht and Echoes Of October’s label features Peryl’s new release. A dense EP that

will leave you with an intoxicating taste of rage and revolt.

This first track, Wire On Her Body, offers a very intriguing introduction to the EP. Shimmering

saturated sound elements plunge you into a quite noisy soundscape tinged with a touch of sensuality

thanks to the mesmerizing whispers of a feminin voice. Carried by a breathless rhythm and

devastating synths, the burst of fury the title ostentatiously predicted strikes right from the beginning

of Molotov Brutality. A vocal repeats the track title upon the violence of a riot from which

sirenes and screams occasionnally echo. A demonstration of Peryl’s skills to create raw and spirited

atmospheres. The hazy Against Your Order offers a little break for we can’t help being

transported by the whriling melody, but the sky darkens with the opening of the very haunted

Protestaktion, boosted by powerful drums and synths throwing a devilish tune. This track is

remixed by Niki Istrefi in a more mental approach whose shrilling harmonies will inescapably

enthrall you.

Rosa Anschutz Rigid (Kobosil rmx) – R Label Group (30.08.2019)

Rigid is originally a song released in May on Rosa Anschutz’s EP of the same name, out on

Quiet Love. She created a body of work full of sensitivity, whose inspirations seem to be drawn

by different fields such as « post-techno/ post punk / noise / neo new wave/ art pop ». She wraps

all these influences with softness, turning sound texture into subtance. Rosa’s voice sounds like

an important component of her productions, as she seems to use it as a real instrument. This is

this very powerful voice that Kobosil’s remix perfectly highlights into a very intense and mindblowing


ANNA & Kittin – Forever Ravers – Kompakt (30.08.2019)

Here is a collaboration between two artist of the electronic scene ; ANNA, who can already

count several releases on Kompakt (Speicher 101 and Speicher 105), and Kittin, the electroclash

iconic priest, who has for a long time been The Hacker’s partner in crime, and also dj and producer.

They team up to say a Rave Mass with the track Forever Ravers, Anna’s Raving in space

mix offering a more mental approach. Kittin’s cold and synthetic voice above this powerful production

sounds like an ode the the impression of unity that can be felt on the dancefloor, and a

celebration of these great moments of free and wild techno parties we like so much to delve into.

« Dance until we die ».

Drums Theory – Strong Love – Etruria Beat (31.08.2019)

Drums theory is a parisien based duo of two artists sharing the same love for music with a very

rare and particular approach. Percussive sounds and drums breaks are litteraly the key components

of their tracks, the perfect match between banger beats and melodic waves giving birth of a

new kind of techno. They establish from their first release on Luca Agnelli’s label Etruria Beat

their powerful sound fulfilled with acid and melodic influences.

Strong Love sets the tone : the interesting rhythmic is composed of muffled kick and breaked

snare, giving a very bright result. The synthetic melody gains in power to give way to a plaintive

acid line. This oscillation between the burst of energy and the nagging elements gives relief and

depth to the track. There’s electricity in the air with Group Sex, an acid track that plunges us

frantically in a darker atmosphere, powered by heavy kicks and delayed percussions. The two levels

of acid, a more classic one, fast and saturated, doubled with a more airy melodic one, makes

the track really intense. The breakdown points out the peculiar attention given to the drums, but

still leaves room for the acid to roll out : a real melodic take-off driven by the thunderous drums

leading to a sensational drop. We move forward to Last Paradise, the rhythm rolls with great accuracy,

boosted by the dynamic acid line, joined by a more oniric one. Leading, in a rising motion,

to a radiant section, rocked by the beautiful harmonics.The EP ends on Luca Agnelli’s

Strong Love Remix. He takes over, in his version, the plaintive acid line from the original track,

but had a massive supersaw lead backed by sharper rhythm for a captivating result.