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September's releases

Lucass P – Submode - Molekul - (09.09.2019)

The steady pace of the ever forward-pushing percussions of The Imposter and its tribal mood set

the tone of an ep full of skull-splitting rhythms that will keep your trip at full speed during the

whole listening. It’s getting even more hotter with Submode whose frenetic ravy vibes threatens to

smash everything across their path. The cheeky Nasty Business (Mayeul & JKS remix) displays a

teasing and rude vocal trapped in fat and aggressive acid lines. Their menacing vibes sneakily

expand during the breakbeat rhythmic pattern of the break, letting you (briefly) hold your breath

right before the evil laugh of the vocal forecasts the striking crash of the drop’s fury. The ep ends

with the hammering kicks adn the heavy bassline of the feverish Attitude Of Mind, and this outburst

of energy will surely put many dancefloors to the test.

Hadone – Hate After Midnight – Them (20.09.2019)

One of the most talented producer of the French techno scene comes back - after a previous EP

released on Mørbeck’s label a few months ago – on the London label Them which has already

featured names such as Hiroaki Iizuka, Scalameriya, or Ansome. Well, this ep confirms Hadone’s

taste for ravy atmospheres and heavy rhythmes, such as the opening track – Hate After Midnight -

whose sharp stabs and fat rhythmic instantaneously set every dancefloor on fire, and this insane

rave blast is pushed forward with the hellish remix cooked by Manni Dee. Plague Of Intensity’s

throbbing groove rushes into the techno fastlane, sounding like the perfect track to drive at full

speed on the wrong side of the road. Last but not least, the beautiful War On Activism displays the

producer’s skills to shroud us into dreamy atmospheres, where a light melody softly whirls above a

hefty rhythmic driven by pounding kicks, drawing a all the peculiar magic of the track from this


CONTREFAÇON – Mydriaze – Panenka Music (20.09.2019)

When talking about Contrefaçon the comparisons that come to mind cannot hide the fact that this

project is a real authentic one with a proper musical and visual identity. The previous releases have

given us a promising foretaste, introducing us to hybrid sound influences, like a techno that would

be high on acid, flirting with gabber, but also shrouded in the nostalgic mood of French Touch.

The diversity of atmospheres is what strikes the most all along this album ; we indeed fluctuate

between the nasty and raw brutality of tracks like Exode, DETER, or the saturated pouring acid

lines of CTRFÇN and E171. But there are also very soft pieces of work like Parade, sometimes

tinged with a melancholic pop (Anticonceptuel , Arp). To this you can add the neurotic madness of

Destroy and the Rave à Versailles’s gabber epileptic energy to get an overview of this huge mess

that gives the album the peculiar taste of frenetic partying and the urge to enjoy it right here right

now. Well this is a mess, but a kind of coherent one. The album indeed conveys a narrative thread,

carried by the short film shot for the occasion. A film that has nothing to envy to other French

directors such as Gaspard Noé or Romain Gavras (some articles have indeed already drawn

comparisons with these directors), displaying an aesthetics of violence and a meticulous directing as

well. During 20 minutes the plot dealing with a hold-up is driven by Mydriaze’s tracks. Our look,

trapped between voyeurism and tenderness for the main character, follows Antoine meandering

through his trips, where boundaries between reality and hallucination seem sometimes blurred. The

mood switches between love, hope, scenes of jubilation, inebriated moments and desillusion. The

imagery is added to music, and both arts get mixed up and complement each other, creating a work

that really doesn’t care about genre boundaries. And if you have trouble understanding this project

just by reading these lines it’s ok, because CONTREFAÇON has to be watched and to be listened to

as well.

Spit Mask – You May Feel Some Pressure – Aufnahme+Wiedergabe (06.09.2019)

Do we really have to introduce Philipp Strobel’s label ? Aufnahme+Wiedergabe is maybe one of the

most punk inspired project of the current electronic scene. Far from being dedicated only to techno

the label indeed highlights the plurality of genres, welcoming very diverse projects, such as the

melancoly of Boy Harsher, the modern king of ebm Sarin, S S S S or the mighty Codex Empire. But

it’s into its most brutal line that Spit Mask enters, an uncategorisable band, carried by Bryan and

Rachel Jackson. Their sound reflects the band name ; a spit mask is indeed a humiliating device

used by American police officers to prevent people from spitting on them. A unique project in line

with others industrial bands such as Sleep Chamber or the industrial ebm style of Leæther Strip.

With this second album (the fist one, Swallow, was released on Clan Destine Records two years

ago) the duo displays an ultraviolent aestheticism, almost close to auditive agression, and presenting

a filthy mixture of hate, sexe, love, and humiliation, that spatters the walls with dark blood and

stains your soul. Hollow and roaring vocals are trapped by machines twisting extremely agressive

industrial sound elements. Some tracks can be pervaded with bruitist sonorities (such as Iron Clad

Alibi’s overture) ; but are always shrouded in punk tirades, and even orgasm screams (Tighten Up),

creating jarring sounds and dirty erotism (Puppy). We have to admit that there is almost something

close to catharsis among this flood of uncontrolable and suden violence. As a result it’s a very

unique and interesting album that can be listened to with some kind of sick curiosity, like a gore

horror movie we couldn’t help watching.

Rhys Fulber – Ostalgia – Sonic Groove (09.09.2019)

Member of the electronic industrial project Front Line Assembly, Rhys Fulber comes back on Adam

X’s Sonic Groove for his second album (his last solo album, Your Dystopia, My Dystopia, dates

back to 2018). Before entering the core of the LP, the title immediately gives some clue to

understand the concept of this release. Ostalgia indeed conveys the impression some people who

used to live in East Germany have felt right after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of

communism. Connecting with this German heritage, Fulber’s intention seems to try to catch and

render this complex feeling of confusion, solitude, doubts that such huge cultural transformations

have brought. Gathering idm and ambient inspirations, this album plunges us into an industrial

soundscape, among the smutty and bleak settings of the remains of communism, but yet shines

through its impressive production, setting each sound elements in order to catch our ear. For

instance 12 Steppes opens on a noisy soundscape to then evolve towards dark hitting drums and

menacing synth lines. This body of works thus reveals precise production skills, and constantly

surprises us, such as in Fountain Of National Radio, a track ending on orchestral harmonies

whereas the rest of this piece of work plunges us into a gloomy mood, between refined industrial

sounds and ambient components. Rhys Fulber manages to create spirited atmospheres, such as the

apocalyptic Misery Whips which perfectly conveys the feeling of chaos and instability, or the

beautiful and quite moving Apostel, that gives off a solemn and majestic aura. It’s a very beautiful

and intense body of work, pervaded with interesting textures. We recommend to carefully listen to

this work because you should not miss a single detail of the fiddly and meticulous production.

Red Scan – Unstable Mind - Union Trance Mission (18.09.2019)

Dj Reiz’s label, whose name sounds quite evocative has already provided a bunch of very good

releases, including a thrilling VA this summer (Dj Reiz, Toni 3000, Sebsy, HLLW), on which we

recommend you to have a look if you are in love with ravy oldschool vibes, trance and fast

rhythmics. This September the label features Red Scan, a mysterious figure « coming from the

underground industrial scene under different projects » before releasing here his first promising

ravy project. We indeed can’t help being addict to Unstable Mind’s bite, whose bouncing groove

driven by a hefty rhythm immediatly grabs us. The ep then introduces us to the enigmatic charm of

4D13M20T, a kind of gloomy yet spellbinding track shrouded in a haunted atmosphere, before

ending with the powerful The Future Is Everything whose steady commanding beat sounds like an

order to dive further into the Rave.*

Kontravoid – Too Deep – Fleisch Records (19.09.2019)

Fleish Records is a label that have contributed to shape the sound of modern electronic body music,

releasing crucial thriving or established artists such as Multiple Man, Fraction, Rendered or

Schwefelgelb. It features here Cameron Findlay’s solo project (founding member of the synthpop

band Parallels, or former drummer of the witch house/synthpunk band Crystal Castles). Since the

first album, Kontravoid is a project gathering a wide range of influences between synthpop and new

wave, never forgetting to also add a post-punk and ebm touch to his productions. This album opens

on very raw sound textures, like the crackle of the dazzling saturation permeating Open The

Wound. Other violent pieces of work punctuate the album, such as Turn Away and So it Seems

(Version 2), pervaded with an intense cold ebm energy. The whole work proceeds between striking

rhythms or hammering beats ripping the air like the crack of a whisp, and beautiful harmonic

arrangements such as the shivering joyful insouciance that can be felt all through Too Deep.

Melancholy also pervades tracks like Cost Of Life, Distress, or the last track – 10,000 Voices –

whose lullaby of echoing voices ends the album on a soft and powerful emotional climax.