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Review: VII Circle - "From the depths" EP - HEX Recordings

VII Circle returns with a new EP composed of 5 monstrous tracks entitled "From the depths" and signed on the Spanish label HEX Recordings and scheduled for September 13th. Our teams had the chance to discover it in preview, here are their impressions. All along this EP we rediscover the dark and post-punk aesthetic that define the artist’s style, leading us into a dystopian world filled with aggressive tones.

"Conflict" is a track driven by it’s saturated and fast industrial rythm gets you into a post apocalptic world. The distant pads gives the track a heavy and cold atmosphere. NX1’s remix offers a more breaked style drum just as much saturated. It isn’t hard to pictures these track as a soundtrack to a Humans-Machines war where the humans have hopes of surviving.

"Arise" has a more acidy vibe to it, led by a ravy saturated stab. We find again this uncanny, almost frightening atmosphere of a world on the verge of ruin.

"Timeless" installs, as it begins, a more mystical, almost bright vibe against a backdrop of industrial techno. This contemplative effect is increased by the distant synth, giving us a glimmer of hope in the dark world of this EP .

The last track is "END", or how to depict the end of the world in 5 minutes. the track starts with drones, giving us the feel to be in an urban desert. The almost Tribe, nearly hardcore kick doesn’t delay in making his entrance. This drumbeat could drag anyone into a war fever. Only few weeks to wait before the release of this jewel that should delight fans of the genre.

Release date: September 13th 2019 Label: Hex Recordings