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I Hate Models: A magnificent post-apocalyptic music video to dive in his very first album

Music videos are without a doubt the best way to give a visual identity to artists so that they convey emotions to their public, put their musical universe in motion, tell a story... Even though the mainstream industry has already been on it for a long time, the Techno scene still needs to go a long way towards making music videos. Many have tried this perilous exercise, but only a few have been able to push it to the limit, making it look more like a short film than a music video, as it is the case here. Usually, Techno tracks are supported by a video edit of some old movie/documentary clips put together to which a 'glitchy' filter is applied. Fortunately for us, things are slowly evolving as can be seen with I Hate Models' new track :"Romantic Psycho" that comes with a little marvel of a video, revealed for the release of his first album, signed by Perc Trax, due on June 21st.

The post-apocalyptic atmosphere is clearly defined in the video. We see some kind of hybrid character that wakes up at 5:30, time at which its neighbor (Whom it is obsessed with) passes by everyday. It then proceeds to inject himself with something that looks like pheromones to be able to seduce her and goes out, flowers in hand, to tryan approach. She starts with a smile, that quickly turns into disgust when she sees its disfigured face. She then goes back home, leaving the poor creature alone, sad, angry. While looking at one of its screens, the message "We all can be saved - Contact us" appears with I Hate Models' voice on top of it. Following this 'broadcast', a weird entity presents itself and, in an apparent confusion, scurries away. Our Hybrid protagonist then proceeds to not inject itself, but drink the concoction then goes out. On its way it meets 2 bystanders that upon sniffing the concoction, start devouring it, leaving him on the brink of death. Its neighbor then finds it in that sorry state, takes pity on it, and takes it back home. upon arriving, she notices that our protagonist is obsessed and was stalking her all this time, and decides to leave him for good.

To know more about this video and it's intentions, we managed to ask a few questions to Guérand Retout, aka Holy Bottom, the director whom we're congratulating already for the masterpiece.

Guérand Retout aka Holy Bottom, director
Guérand Retout aka Holy Bottom, director

Why is it that close to no one produces 'real' music videos in the modern day techno scene ? And what do you think about this scene in general?

There is obviously multiple reasons to this, mainly the financial and human cost that it requires, but I think these are but excuses. There is a real responsibility from techno producers and YouTube channels relaying artists' work. They usually accept cheap (or free) work to illustrate their music. And since some video makers mostly want visibility and don't really care about the quality of their work, we have come to this kind of market, because why would you pay when someone can do something for free ? It is a mistake too to think Techno only needs to be 'illustrated'. There are real emotions to convey that deserve more than some video edit made from archive footage and such. A real music video, even if the direction is shaky, will always be more interesting, thanks to it being an original work. It is without a doubt a way to make your artistic universe grow with something else than just music.

The current scene is mostly really far from being diversified. How many music videos are pretty much the same, using the same editing tricks... Many even use the same colour themes: Black, white and red. Period. I think the public should expect more too, and not just accept it. There is often close to no judgement, no critic, even on videos way too close to amateurism. Obviously, there are some exceptions, like CONTREFAÇON, that really pay attention to their movies, ushering every release with a careful realization. In their way, my colleagues Heymes et RIEN . managed to develop their own identity and get out of this cliché video editing we see everywhere else.

What are the clues to understand this video? What are its influences?

I always try to direct without giving every key to the one watching. I like to think you need to watch several times a work before knowing every last detail about it. The scenery in particular. Here we aren't on some cryptic story. Most information is in the video, notably on the screens, that reflect the subconscious of our protagonist. And the most important part was to feel the emotions that this character feels. I would say the biggest inspiration is Elephant Man from David Lynch when it comes to emotions. Visually speaking, we're close to japanese animation influences, with works like Akira or Perfect Blue.

How was it, working with I Hate Models? And can you tell us more about the whole creative process behind this music video?

The first step is always to listen again and again to the track, in order to immerse myself in it. Then, I Hate Models told me in a few sentences the 'will' behind his work, the emotions and the vision he had working on it. Going from here, I thought about three stories, in a few sentences - nothing too fleshed out - so that we could talk about it together. With this we spent a whole night, and we went straight into it. Our universes are similar in a way, so it worked out pretty well and it greatly eased our communication.

Once that was done, I was able to gather my team, mainly my assistant, my artistic director and my chief operator with an objective of being able to shoot in one month. The project and scenario both evolved with the constraints and proposals of everyone until the day. From here on, it was five whole days on the scenery, and more than twenty people worked on it. Once again thanks to all of them.

Is there any hidden message, or meaning in this video?

Science-fiction owns this particular trait that we can put metaphores and slide in ideas while staying real subtle about it. Here, there is a clear reference to problems of identity. The protag is an Hybrid, half human, half... Something and yet it is rejected by everyone, humans and others alike, courtesy of it being different.

With all that said, the Sinners crew is real impatient on listening to this new album L'Âge des Métamorphoses, that will be released on the 21st of June on Perc Trax.