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Fashion & Techno: between inspiration and unhealthy obsession

FASHION - The Techno movement has always been affiliated with others artistic departments that draw their inspiration from it. Fashion was quickly present in this environment where people dress for their weekly outlet; the rave of the weekend. These two worlds are complementary, trends are changing and some are surfing the wave to develop their ideas.

During the week, people have to dress professionally while waiting for the weekend to release that desire to dress as they wish. Exaggeration is allowed: extravagant makeup, ultra-platform shoes, neon clothing, runner shorts or suggesting clothes, but does it matter after all, the ravers dress for themselves.


Some designers understood all this and created clothes in this image. This is the case for Hood By Air brands, Helatomic, Namilia, Vetements or Gosha Rubchinskiy to only name a few. In general a movement reaches its maturity when the world of fashion takes inspiration from it and this is where we are right now. The last two years’ shows were focused on the Techno underground environment.


However, doesn’t this inspiration make the world of Techno mainstream? It is good to be stylish for an evening and not unpleasant to glance at the others, but should it be the means of selection to be able to enter events?!

Once a person complies with the rules of this environment and knows the artists who will play, they may be allowed to access it. Real passionate people can be denied access whereas some stylish people will pass through without any problem despite not having any real interest in this style of music. They are only attending for the purpose of showing off and taking pictures of themselves for their Instagram account "Look at me I'm so underground! I lay in the mud during a warehouse evening", do not lie you all know someone confirming this cliché!


The brands aren’t any better! When you see that Balenciaga sells a bag "I love Techno" at the price of 2000€ while the majority of ravers are in precariousness and do odd jobs that allow them to provide their fair need, it's scandalous.


People buying from Balenciaga do not necessarily go to the Techno party, have you ever seen someone with an "I love Techno" bag in a warehouse or club ?! Isn’t this obsession of big brands, wanting to ‘suck’ from all subcultures to make profit , just weak and deplorable?

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