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Best videogame soundtracks, by Sinners Magazine, Heymes and Process 404

Created as a way to captivate players, videogame soundtracks left a everlasting impression in the ears of more than one generation of gamers.

Be it original tracks made strictly for the game like WipEout, or songs chosen to make the universe of the game feel more alive like in GTA or FIFA; videogame soundtracks always send us in an immersive and colorful universe, sometimes even retro.

For all these reasons we grouped up with VJ Heymes and DJ/Producer Process 404 -gamers themselves- to deliver 3 playlists full of iconic tracks. Here you go.

Sinners' playlist:

Heymes' playlist:

Process 404's playlist:

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Sinners Magazine is an online editorial content dealing with European subcultures and the electronic music scene.

Sinners Magazine est un contenu éditorial en ligne traitant des sous-cultures européennes et de la scène musicale électronique.

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